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2022: Selects - Blood Trust

2022: Selects – Blood Trust


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2022: Selects series returns with Blood Trust

Delivering a divergent mix of electronic futurism Blood Trust crosses the boundaries to evoke a uniquely identifiable concept in 2022: Selects - Blood Trust

Blood Trust has been making quite a name for himself in recent months. In an industry saturated with talented producers and DJ’s its arguably more difficult than it has ever been to stand out in the crowd. How many times over the years have we seen incredibly talented artists seemingly disappear because they couldn’t cut through the noise.

Blood Trusts approach is one of his own making. Not one to follow the crowd, latest trends or indulge in gimmicks he sticks to what he knows and what he is comfortable with. Quality is the key. Drawing influences from all aspects of art and musical genres, you can hear him adopting these influences in his releases. His tracks follow a narrative thread, veering away from standalone dance floor tracks, yet creating releases that everyone is talking about. His DJ sets are no different.

The authenticity in his approach to his productions is equally evident in his DJ sets. It’s the tracks he plays that you don’t expect that really get in your head and keep you fully engaged. Creating deep engaging tracks that don’t cater to the norm, yet appeal to the dancefloor as much as the listener is a skill in itself. One that is quickly becoming associated with his name. It makes sense to him to create a unique identifiable sound that is also refreshing to the listener.

Regarded highly by his peers and with many releases in the pipeline for 2022 and 2023, Blood Trust is certainly going places.



Basic Rhythm & Blood Trust – Blood Rhythm
Basic Rhythm – Le Samourai
Rhytual aka Resound – Gnosis (Blood Trust Remix)
Blood Trust – Fleshworld
Shiken Hanzo – Darkest Entities
Torana – Schim
Last Life – Koba
Roho – Storm
Voytek – Reach
Forest Drive West – Sustain
SB81 – Hessian
Holsten – Hidden Figures
Basic Rhythm & Blood Trust – Death Mask
Ulterior Motive – Step Change
Calyx – Slink
Overlook – Midnight Sun
RUNDR & Ben Repertoire – Obi’s Escape
Basic Rhythm & Blood Trust – Obligatory Extra Track
The Sauce – Bang Your Head
Blood Trust & Basic Rhythm – Airbourne
Todd Terry – Blackout (Tee’s Out Mix)
Seba – The Colour of Space
Blocks & Escher – This One
Joakuim – La Selva
Synkro – Information
Konduku – Dalgın
Tricoplex & Sectra – For The Dead In Their Shrouds
Response & Pliskin – Stars & Stripes
Commodo – Fear Loop
Drexciya – Quantum Hydrodynamics

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