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2023: Selects - Kirstin Keegan

2023: Selects – Kirstin Keegan


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2023: Selects series commences with Kirstin Keegan

Getting 2023 off to a kick start, Kirstin Keegan steps up for her inaugural BPM mix. True to her reputation, she delivers a mix full of vibrant house and techno in 2023: Selects - Kirstin Keegan.

Kirstin Keegan has forged her way to the forefront in recent years. Renowned and respected as a multi genre and talented DJ she well accustomed to delivering memorable mixes. It’s a testament to her determination and hard work that Kirstin has acquired the spotlight in recent years. Many have fallen beside the wayside, but not Kirstin, who’s love for the music she plays is evident, none more so, than in this first mix for her new agency, BPM.

For her first BPM mix, Kirstin has delivered 2 whole hours of sonic bliss. Drawing on her deep musical knowledge of multiple genres from underground house through to melodic techno, she has devised a mix that is set to take the listener on a journey. Kirstin Keegan has been DJing professionally since 2010 and has developed a reputation as a DJ who provokes a crowd reaction with acute track selection and technical mixing. Those well refined skills are on full display here.

This mix she shows what she is all about. We cross genres effortlessly and blend boundaries perfectly to create a soaring sonic experience. Kirstin has skillfully arranged a mix that will demand multiple listens.


It’s the refined approach that draws a crowd to a DJ performance. They play the great tracks that you didn’t know you wanted to hear at the perfect time you didn’t know you were anticipating them. Kirstin Keegan has certainly mastered this art.

2023 sees Kirstin stepping into the studio to create the long-awaited productions she has promised herself. If this mix is anything to go bit, big things await this bright talent.

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