Adred – Artist Focus 2022 #10

Adred provides a granite, deep ambiance selection in Adred – Artist Focus #10

Adred - Artist Focus 2022 #10

Adred – Artist Focus #10 continues with Metalheadz alumni Adred. Adred is well known for his heavyweight futuristic sonic creations. His tracks lull you in with emotion and ambience. Then hitting you with an almost spiritual force of beats and bass. Adred’s releases are made up of a dense multifaceted substance that have come to the attention of 31 Recordings, C.I.A, Commercial Suicide, Soul:r and of course Metalheadz. His album ‘KIM’ on Metalheadz was released to fan and critical acclaim.

This mix sees Adred deliver his renowned personal gravitas selection. Years of dabbling in other genres had led to him developing an ear for track selection. It’s on acute display here. With his brutal delivery comes the underlying emotion that makes the beats and basslines hit harder in the solar plexus. It’s this characteristic delivery that has brought Adred a reputation for notable mixes featuring diverse musical layers.

Adred - BPM Artist Focus 2022 #10

Always moving forward Adred has several forthcoming releases slated for 2022. Including a full-length album on Inperspective.

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