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2022: Selects - B-Hydra

2022: Selects – B-Hydra


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2022: Selects series continues with KSA's B-Hydra

Storming into the fray to deliver a mix of powerful, deep, dark and melodic techno is
Saudi Arabia's B-Hydra in 2022: Selects - B-Hydra

Saudi Arabia probably isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think about techno music. That position has changed considerably in recent years, and Saudi’s DNA frontman, DJ and producer B-Hydra is largely responsible for this.

The adoption and cultural impact of electronic music in Saudi Arabia certainly isn’t a new phenomenon. As head of the DNA techno events, B-Hydra has taken the underground party scene in Riyadh by storm. As a purveyor of harder, more underground techno music they are capturing the growth of the movement and its cultural impact. Shining a light on the underground usually means having to cater for the more commercial side of the industry. Not so with B-Hydra and DNA, they have been dedicated from day one to in maintaining authenticity of the brand.

B-Hydra and DNA have been responsible for providing the thriving underground scene in Saudi Arabia with some of the biggest names in the industry. B-Hydra has shone on this platform and is dedicated to delivering his passion for techno to enthusiastic audiences, worldwide.

For his inaugural BPM mix B-Hydra delivers a signature sound of upfront fresh techno. The considered selection clearly shows his passion for the genre. “I wanted to showcase the exciting things that are happening in the techno scene of Saudi Arabia right now. I feel techno is a way of expressing myself and bridging cultural divides. Something different and unique.”

It’s exciting times for B-Hydra as he continues to spearhead techno is KSA and takes his sound worldwide.


2022: Selects – B-Hydra



Horisone – Housefly (Original Mix)
Federico Sferra – Face Off (Lowshape Remix)
Clap Codex, Patrick Scuro – Elysium (Original Mix)
Novem Vivit – Hint Of Acid (Original Mix)
DANZAH – Passion (Dani Sbert Remix)
Belocca – Freedom Of Soul (Original Mix)
Dok & Martin – Temptation
Layton Giordani – Hyper World (Original Mix)
Spartaque, Greenjack – Work It (Original Mix)
Belocca – Sonar
DANZAH – Odyssey
Demon Noise – X & Z (Original Mix)
Enrico Sangiuliano – Future Dust (Original Mix)

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