DJ, Hip Hop, News / 13 Feb 2021
Fanu / Fatguyver Releases ‘Adventures In Imperfection’ LP

Fanu, under his hip hop alter ego Fatguyver, has released his new LP ‘Adventures in Imperfection’.

'Adventures In Imperfection'

In a world where few things are certain, the importance of some staples is emphasized – and if there is one musical recipe that will never go out of demand, it is instrumental sample-laden hip hop.

‘Adventures In Imperfection’ by FatGyver (aka Fanu for bass music / D&B) explores the borderlands of hip hop and funk. Painting for the listener mental images of smokey urban landscapes and dimly-lit nocturnal city streets.

However, while you couldn’t be blamed for thinking this is US East Coast music, FatGyver’s stuff comes from Finland – not the most obvious location for funky-jazzy hip hop. Then again, it’s there that producers stay warm in their studios, basking in the warmth produced by old samplers and mixing desks, watching films and listening to records indoors to stay safe from polar bears (occasionally fending them off with their MPCs), sampling everything that moves.

FatGyver’s productions exude funk and indie film samples, and the bittersweet, melancholic yet hopeful atmosphere that is also familiar to the listeners of Fanu’s discography is ever-present. It will invite the most experienced ear to wonder where did he find those sounds?

Adventures In Imperfection Tracklisting:-

  1. Butterbeat [03:40]
  2. Mere Kash 02:15
  3. Dusty-minded 03:51
  4. Potentially Offensively Lo-Fi 03:415.
  5. Eeron Skittikampe 01:216.
  6. Worn Out 03:477.
  7. Sunday Funkiness 03:048.
  8. Funky F 03:409.
  9. Tearstreet 03:2010.
  10. Under Your Tree 04:05

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