Liohness – Artist Focus 2022 #11

Liohness delivers a mix encompassing expressive track selection and emotional delivery in Liohness – Artist Focus 2022 #11

Liohness - Artist Focus 2022 #11

Liohness is the focal point of the 11th episode of BPM’s Artist Focus 2022 series. Hailing from the local scene in Manchester, this DJ and producer has forged her own distinctive sound demanding respect. Her skills have taken her to many festival appearances. Including, Sounds from The Other City, Highest Point, Beatherder, and Neucode San Antonio, Ibiza. Recent highlights also include Woodlands Dance Project in Edinburgh where she delivered a memorable selection.

This mix sees Liohness showing us her gift for track selection and delivery. Taking us on a journey through jungle, liquid, rollers, neuro tech and underground. She manages to encompass tracks from Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Absolute Zero, Levela, Sub Focus and more. It’s an energetic mix that also manages to deliver emotional weight just when the moment suits.

Liohness - BPM Artist Focus 2022 #11

This new mix is where Liohness really has shown her DJ skills and certainly does not disappoint. Expect more from the creative force Liohness in 2022 with more releases and highlights on the way!

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