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Marc Antonix - Flashback ft: Revaeon

Marc Antonix – Flashback


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Marc Antonix & Revaeon - Flashback

As summer comes to a close and we gaze through halcyon eyes, we often think about what was. The leaves fall from the trees, the colder nights close in and we reflect on crazy fun filled escapes. It these thoughts that often fill us with a dual sense of elation and melancholy. As the years pass, we remember what was good, what was vibrant and what was lasting. Marc Antonix has captured this perfectly with the experimental uplifting soundscape that is ‘Flashback’. Teaming up with fellow producer Revaeon for this release, the pair have captured a real sense of energy and euphoria by exploring unconventional sound design and unapologetic experimentation.

Marc Antonix and Revaeon thought outside of the box for this production. Never wanting to go with the conventional, they have infused futuristic rave components with ethereal reverberating chimes to evoke a sense of pure euphoria. Flashback opens with an unforgettably haunting piano progression and an otherworldly, yet angelic distorted vocal flow. It then builds the tempo with ethereal pads and multiple layers of synth effects into a majestic soundscape.

Once the bassline drops its clear that we are going on a high energy voyage. The production outfit manage to keep the energy and vibes throughout the track to leave you breathless and wanting more. This is a sure-fire futuristic rave anthem destined for the top of the charts.

Creating a soundscape of this magnitude is a triumph and is sure to delight listeners worldwide. The pair take you on an adventure of what once was, what could be, and what will be again.

Download/Stream: Marc Antonix & Revaeon – Flashback HERE

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