Adred's productions exude heavyweight undiluted futuristic waves in every record he releases. His tracks draw you in with lulling, emotional ambient ebbs and flows before hitting you with a tidal wave of beats and bass that you will find hard to forget. It's an emotional force that may make you think, and it should. His output is made up of a denser substance that provokes the listener to engage.

Adred got his start as a local promoter in 2008. He co-founded 'Natural Selection' in 2011, hosting some of the biggest names in drum and bass whilst crafting his own DJ skills. The parties he developed served as a platform to create his own musical palette. Inspired by many genres of music his output has covered many layers of bass music. He's released techno on Marcus Intalex's Birdie label to garage-inspired breakbeats on Doc Scott’s 31 Records.

DnB releases on C.I.A & Soul:r were well received before his inaugural release on Metalheadz with 2017's 'Instant Everything EP'. Valley Groove / Stuck in a Loop was released to huge acclaim with cohorts Ant TC1 & DRS. Captivate EP followed and set him up for one of last years essential releases, his debut album on Metalheadz 'Kim'.

Adred has infused many life experiences into musical layers to bring him to this current height. 'Kim' is a stunning album, it's personal, beautiful and brutal making it essential. Featuring the likes of Commix, DRS, Robert Manos, Strategy and more it ranges from blistering breakbeat seminars to tense, eerie vine-outs.

Several forthcoming releases are slated for 2022 including a full-length album on Inperspective. Understand, when Adred comes to town, you better be ready. This guy is all about delivering a gravitas granite selection.

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