Areeas & Moodayz

Areeas & Moodayz are electronic music producers and DJs that are making a serious name for themselves in worldwide techno. Both passionate about electronic music they show their qualities with techno and melodic techno. Hailing from Switzerland, Areeas & Moodayz were raised on a diet of eclectic music tastes. Taking all influences from every conceivable genre at an early age clearly has had an effect on the duo. It’s these influences that the duo take seriously, and why they stand out in the world of techno.

Areeas & Moodays first stepped into production in around 2012. Both taking creative musical production courses they wanted to make music that will stand the test of time. Early experimental production aside, Areeas & Moodays have always been drawn towards the sounds of melodic techno and house. It’s the emotional impact of the music that appeals most to the duo and they deliver that on release after release. Its this love for techno that they pair infuse into their productions, and their DJ sets alike.

Areeas & Moodays have appeared all over Europe at some of the biggest festivals, clubs and events that the techno scene has to offer. Their sounds have brought them some special interest from the likes of Konstantin Sibold, Innellaa, Fideles, Oostil, and The Element. In 2019 their first EP ‘Dissonance’ was released to critical acclaim. The release on Three Hands Records brough them some serious attention for their uniquely sounding production values. Further EP’s followed on Sweet Music, Astral and Onism. Followed by several floor filling remixes.

They are quickly becoming masters of arrangement & sound design. Delivering dynamic melodic techno, infused with beautiful atmospherics.

In 2022 Areeas & Moodays are ready to go one step further with several new tracks in the works and more events to be announced.

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