Basic Rhythm

Basic Rhythm is a London-based electronic musician. Born in Hastings, he grew up on the boundary of East London and Essex, playing Drum & Bass and Jungle. He appeared regularly on pirate radio in the mid to late nineties, most notably on Rude FM. Being entrenched in London’s underground dance music scene his recordings eventually moved into a more freeform abstract compositional structure.

Recently, he has returned to his dance music roots, drawing heavily from the early electronic masters as well as his background in pirate radio. He started the Basic Rhythm project in 2016 as a means of recontextualizing his dance music past, eventually signing to Planet Mu.

With a slew of releases on Planet Mu, Sneaker Social Club, Warp sub-label Arcola, as well as his own label Raw Basics, he has finally come full circle and returned wholeheartedly to his musical roots of Jungle and Drum & Bass. With forthcoming releases on Planet Mu, Future Retro, Sneaker Social Club and CNVX, including remixes by Gremlinz and Loxy, he has already gained support from scene tastemakers Doc Scott, DJ Storm, Loxy, Kid Drama, J Kenzo and Skream.

Basic Rhythm draws directly from his pirate radio years. Still pushing forward into new territories, he emerges with more overtly dance floor material. His tracks are colourful, brutalist, adventurous, contemporary hybrids recorded primarily with the DJ in mind. Their angular rhythms draw on Britain’s dance music past with an eye firmly on the present.

His DJ sets are a range of Jungle D&B, with perfectly selected classics. Basic Rhythm can also build year specific sets, ranging from 1990 to the present. Expertly creating memorable experiences by dropping less rinsed gems reminiscent of any era.

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