Blood Trust

Blood Trust is making a name for himself in electronic music. Not defined nor guided by genres or perceptions of formulas, he believes that the atmosphere evoked by a composition is more revealing of assigned understanding. Genres are not considered in his approach to music production and its this technique to his creative art that is interesting and refreshing. He makes music with a narrative thread. He instinctively veers away from standalone club tracks aiming to develop a concept that challenges.

Blood Trust was raised in an eclectic musical household absorbing different styles and genres of music. Innately, he has permeated these early experiences into his productions. Early works have been nothing short of stellar compositions that have brought him a loyal following. He cites influences from No U Turn Records, Sandwell District, Instra:mental, Skull Disco and Pan Sonic. Kid Drama quickly took note and signed him to his CNVX label. His ‘Dread Pilot EP’ 4 tracker followed as an official debut confirming that Blood Trust has a distinctive take on electronic futurism. Widely accepted as a refreshing and forward thinking production he followed this with ‘Sky Came Falling’ on Martyn’s 3024 label.

Blood Trust is clearly refining his sonic approach and palette. His follow up to his CNVX & 3024 releases are a testament to that standard. ‘Surface To Air’, ‘Gangstalking’ and 'Stimulant' & 'Carboot' on his Digital Red Label imprint are precise intricate visions of drum and bass futurism. It's these kinds of tracks encompassing stepping basslines and sculpted breaks coupled with highly focussed pressure that have brought him recognition. His DJ sets are equally futuristic and memorable creations.

Watch this space in 2022 as he already has more works in the pipeline including an EP on Repertoire with Basic Rhythm and a remix for Resound on Straight Up Breakbeat.

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