Cattaree is an electronic music producer and DJ who is creating quite a storm. His influences derive from being raised in a musical household. Being exposed to a range of music every day of his life. Absorbing these influences, it has gone on to shape him as a person and also how he approaches his creative approach to production. At the age of six, his grandfather taught him to play the keyboard. It was at this age that Cattaree veered toward the drumming presets, showing a clear interest in a more electronic sound.

Cattaree first learned to DJ and the age of six. His uncle, an accomplished DJ in his native Mauritius, passed on his skills to him. He was keen to learn as much about the artform as possible. He first DJ’d publicly at the age of 12 at parties for friends and local events. This garnered him great attention and local promoters started taking note. This wasn’t enough for Cattaree, who having had adversity early in his life, aspired to be the very best he could be. He first stepped into the world of music production when he was 12 years old. Producing mashups of popular songs, creating even more interest around him.

Having always had a passion for the deeper darker underground sounds coupled with melodic techno and house. It was in this creative source that he found himself. He has since had several well-received releases on notable imprints.

Cattaree’s DJ sets are akin to his productions. He wants to take the audience on a journey through time and space. Triggering memories, he delves deep into the emotion and aims to make you feel how he was feeling. Offering an immersive musical experience.

Watch this pace as Cattaree has a lot more planned for 2022 and beyond!

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