Darse is among the most exciting electronic music acts today. Rare talent, music lover and synth fanatic with uncanny ability to craft some unique vibes and soundscapes. Darse’s journey in music at the age of 13 after living through an experience due to which he felt the necessity to share it with the world. Later at the age of 16, he began performing as a DJ at Insomnia, one of the most famous clubs in Italy. Sometime after he realised that the world of production attracted him. Darse has devoted years of his life working in a studio simultaneously educing strong passions for other genres and absorbing influences.

Darse has a vision of cinematic atmospheres and dark abstract pads that embody a new vision to a techno scene. These personify his productions and performances which are significantly influenced by the sounds he has been developed in the studio during the production process. Darse's meticulous attention to details and work ethic in the studio creates sonic journeys unlike any other.

In 2015 Darse presented his debut artist EP "Alone" released under Italian based label - BeFree Recordings and declared himself as a young budding and talented musician. Following this up with a remix of Love Over Entropy & Rudy and Il Tempio Degli Illuminati on Ellora.

In June 2017 Darse released dancefloor banger "Horus" on Afterlife Records as a part of "Realm Of Consciousness Pt.II" alongside with artists like Tale of Us, Mathame, Woo York and Denis Horvat. That served as an undoubted springboard for his career. Darse's productions have been widely regarded as versatile, unexpected and hypnotic. His releases and remixes have found homes on some of the most revered labels around, like: Afterlife, Oddity, Suara, Running Clouds and Just This.

The adventurous spirit, free-flowing ritual and heady sound palette channelled into techno allows Darse to express his vision through a more eclectic medium. 2022 will see him pushing more boundaries during his performances.

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