Ebb is an electronic music producer who productions purposefully cross boundaries. His tracks sculpt dark and menacing atmospheres with powerful sub basslines and fluid impactful drums. It’s all about experimentation and creating otherworldly sonics for Ebb. He takes the dancefloor to the unexplored areas set between established genres.

His early influences come from a diet of violin lessons and playing in a punk band. Throw some techno, hardcore, dubstep and jungle into the mix. You have a recipe for electronic exploration, pushing accepted sound design. It’s this kind of eclectic approach that he still brings to his productions to this day.

Ebb was a late bloomer to the rave scene and particularly to production. Once he got started it has become an obsession. Not one to be restricted by considered norms, Ebb creates what he is feeling at the time. Releases have come on Alix Perez’s 1985 Music, Raw Basics, Cutcross Recordings, Subtle Recording and Par Avion. With these notable labels taking notice and releasing his music its clear that Ebb is forging his own path and finding his own sound. It’s his approach to sound design by taking influences from the darker areas of bass music that have brought him a solid reputation.

His DJ sets are as equally diverse as his productions. Ebbs approach is to take you on a journey through sound design. Telling a story to the dancefloor and guiding you where he wants you to explore with him. Its this approach that has seen him making a name for himself on the circuit with regular appearances at many festivals in New Zealand and Australia.

In 2022, Ebb is firmly committed to exploring his creative ability and furthering his commitment to bushing the accepted boundaries of sound system music.

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