Farley Jackmaster Funk

In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove. One day, Jack declared, let there be house.

In 1986 Farley Jackmaster Funk released a record that literally changed the world. ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ was unleashed on an unsuspecting world. A record so full of joy and vibrance it was almost impossible not to like it. The glossy dancefloor smasher set a precedent for a career in music that still resonates today. Coming straight out of the Chicago House scene, the track had a huge impact on the UK charts. Peaking at number 10 on the UK charts followed by appearances on Top of the Pops in front of millions of people.

This was something new and special which would go on to shape the sound of clubbing. This was house music and it led to the legendary status that follows Farley Jackmaster Funk’s name to this day.

By the time he was appearing all over the world as a DJ, he was already well established on the Chicago House scene. Having made a name for himself appearing on the famed WBMX FM station as early as 1981 he was a mainstay home and abroad.

The hits kept on coming over the years. ‘Jack My Body’, ‘The Trax U Lost’, ‘Hey Norton’ and another UK top 10 smash with ‘House Nation.’ He has released on several ground-breaking labels including Trax Records and DJ International. He has lent his production skills to tracks for Diana Ross, Arthur Baker, Giorgio Moroder and Earth, Wind and Fire. In a career littered with accolades and firsts its Farley Jackmaster Funk’s hard work and determination that shines through.

Still tearing up dancefloors from Newcastle to Nairobi watch out in 2022 as the King of House Farley Jackmaster Funk is appearing at an event near you.

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