FREYA is an international DJ and music producer whose talents have risen her to the heights of intense popularity. Born into a classical music family, she learned to play the violin, continuing for ten-plus years. She was always interested in multiple music genres from an early age. It was during her developing teen years that she discovered a deep infatuation with electronic music. It is a passion that has since become the centre of her life.

FREYA has quickly become renowned for enchanting techno sets developed around deep grooves. As an experienced DJ she delivers sets based around all styles of techno. When she takes to the decks she has one thought in mind; to take the audience on a journey that they will remember. It's all about the process for FREYA, whilst being able to read a crowd and develop a vibe that will leave them wanting a lot more. She is a natural storyteller.

As a producer, FREYA has had several releases on prominent labels. Her 2019 Street Parade compilation, with Sonny Vice, was a huge success, peaking at number 8 on the national Swiss Charts. Successful releases have followed on Bunny Tiger, Déepalma Records, Dear Deer Black, Fade To Black, and KULTO. Her driving ‘Total Blackout’ remix on Jaw Dropping Records was extremely well-received and supported across the genre.

At heart, FREYA is a deeply visual artist. She takes all forms of inspiration and incorporates them into her sets. She totally absorbs herself into the process providing a memorable experience. By taking so much inspiration and information she skilfully presents a format that will reflect emotionally and make sense of all that is around us. Life is inspirational and this is not lost on FREYA.

2023 sees a lot more works in the pipeline. Those who wish to get to know FREYA better are invited to listen.

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