Jesta found his calling becoming immediately hooked on the emerging early rave scene in Toronto, Canada. Growing up in the surrounding area, he was drawn to the big city and the Hardcore and Jungle sounds that were soundtracking the movement. By 1997, as a fully immersed raver and record collector, he moved to the city full time and started to teach himself production techniques. He was soon invited to become a member of an upstart collective going by the name of 'Dark Logik'. It was here that he would first encounter Gremlinz.

By 1999 Jesta had earned himself a growing reputation as a highly-skilled engineer with a future. He began working closely with TOV signed outfit Catchin' Wreck. Releases followed on Hustlin' Beats, On Point Music, Trouble On Vinyl and on Renegade Hardware. It was at this time that Jesta explored early studio sessions with friend Gremlinz.

In 2000 Jesta took a break from music to start a family. In 2016, inspired by the new sounds of dnb, he returned to making the music that he loves. He immediately hooked up with Gremlinz and other like-minded producers. The releases that followed manage to perfectly capture the sounds of the underground whilst adding new inspired production techniques.

The list of tracks that have dropped are astonishing. Cuts have appeared on Nerve, Warm Communications, Metalheadz, Rupture, Amar, Paradox Music, DROOGS and Ronin. Each release being met with greater anticipation than the last, they have found their way into many leading tastemakers sets.

Jesta is firmly integrated into the Metalheadz stable of artists. 2021 sees Jesta and Gremlinz locked in the studio crafting their hotly anticipated debut album for the label under the watchful eye of Goldie.

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