L.A. Williams

LA Williams is a name long referred to as a hugely respected founding figure from the pioneering Chicago house music scene. He is responsible for influential release on labels including, Virgin Records, Dance Factory, Trax Records, Nepenta, and his own label Chisel Records. LA Williams was an early member of distinguished acid house group ‘Phuture’ with DJ Pierre, Spanky and Herb Jackson. Huge, long-standing success has followed his name with releases including ‘LA’s Magic’, ‘Lights Down Low’, ‘The Jedi Knight’ EP and ‘Giant Galaxy 10’ EP.

It all started for L.A. being exposed to his father’s record collection from an early age. As a former DJ himself, L.A’s father had a deep understanding of music, his record collection reflected that. His father’s legendary Chicago Motown and Soul ‘25 Cent Backyard Parties’ turned L.A. onto an eclectic diet of jazz, blues and soul through to pop, rock and disco. With this as a precursor, L.A. started his own DJ career at the age of fifteen, DJing at local parties and further afield. Soon afterwards L.A. discovered music production which would cement his name into house music history.

LA Williams has a resume that has taken his sound worldwide. From Los Angeles to Lagos, his sound has appeared all over the world. He has appeared at every major festival and club you can think of from Chicago, Detroit, New York to Milan, Berlin, Paris, Sydney and Hong Kong. He has held residencies in multiple major clubs worldwide and was commissioned by BMW MINI between 2004 – 2008 to play at various special events across the globe.

LA Williams has accomplished the dream and yet, as in his innate nature, he is still striving forward with multiple projects. 2023 - 2025 will see L.A. return to the studio on productions for several high-profile releases on major labels.

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