LALENA is a DJ and Music Producer who is known for her deep, groove-laden sounds. A deliverer of warm textures and unique melodies have led to an early flourishing career. LALENA explores house, deep house, and techno in a way where stripped-back percussion and minimal textures are always enveloped with a fusion of warm vibrance. For LALENA, it‘s all about creating unique vibes that are evocative of an irresistible redolent to dance.

LALENA’s passion for music started at a very young age. First joining a church choir she studied music, eventually finding her love for more electronic sounds. After acquiring her first set of turntables and learning to mix, there was never going to be any looking back. Upon exploring the never-ending medium of electronica she was drawn to artists such as Raresh, Ricardo Villalobos, and the underground Romanian minimal scene. It‘s these artists she cites as inspiration for her DJ sets and her productions to this day.

LALENA has a positive and determined outlook and she took her first delve into official production during the worldwide pandemic. Now she has a solid repertoire of releases behind her with labels such as, LIKE Records, Katermukke, Niconé’s Label Dantze, and Lukins. Her latest release was published on the US label Magican on Duty. LALENA has acquired wide acclaim for her cuts with her ability to create interesting deep, thought-provoking dance floor fillers.

Now an artist in demand she has DJ’d all across Europe and as far afield as Zanzibar. She hosts her own monthly club residency NICE at Reineke Fuchs with David Hasert.

What the future holds for this exciting talent is yet to be written. It will most certainly be extremely bright and incredibly vibrant.

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