Lao Wai

Lao Wai found Drum and Bass in 2007 after being brought up on a wide selection of music. Finding dnb so soon after the autonomic sub-genre was born. Hearing the blank canvass of creativity spawning out of the then new genre, opened his eyes to what this music could be.

Lao Wai has always chased the illusive combination of music that’s forward thinking with depth. Combining this with dance floor friendly production techniques is what has always resonated. His production and mixing style strive to achieve exactly that. His releases are apparent to the attuned ear that, he’s developed his own style and direction.

The name Lao Wai came after moving to China in 2013. Being called an ‘outsider’ daily seemed a fitting pseudonym in later years. By his own admission his music feels like exactly that, like he’s outside just doing his own thing. After several releases, he took a step back in 2018. He decided that he needed to fully develop his skillset and to work on his craft until satisfied with what he was producing.

Since then, under the guidance of Kid Drama, his sound is taking shape. His production techniques have developed to a level where he can morph in and out of certain creative mindsets all the while still sounding like Lao Wai. Several tracks are in the pipeline and have set the scene into a minor frenzy. With these tracks he’s looking to cut through the monotony of YouTube tutorial drum and bass that has taken over the scene in recent years.

With several cuts stacking up, Lao Wai is looking to put all those hours grind in the studio, out into the world. Its time to make his mark and deliver meaningful creations that will stand the test of time. Keep your ears peeled and your eyes focussed.

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