Marc Antonix

Marc Antonix is a genre defying DJ and music producer that is taking electronic music by storm. Intrigued by the underground from and early age, Marc Antonix took his first steps in the world of electronic music at the age of 15. This exposed him to imaginative sound design that he noticed was clearly different from the norm. Being exposed to many leading techno and house artists so early in life had a huge impression on him. Watching DJs like Martin Garrix and the explosive energy he manages to create with his live DJ sets was a huge influence. It’s these fundamentals that he carries with him today.

At the age of 16 he first started experimenting with music production. With no formal musical training but a good ear for what sounded right. He used his instincts to create early tracks. He quickly realised that he needed to develop his own sound and professional approach. Marc Antonix put the hard work in and studied hard about the art and craft of sound design, mixing and mastering. All the while, he was also crafting his uniquely explosive DJ sets.

Marc Antonix first broke through with the 2019 track ‘Fall In Love’. 2019’s second release, ‘Hold Me Now’ followed, propelling him forward. Monster tracks have followed with ‘Let You Go’, ‘Glory Nights’ and ‘All A Dream’ being hugely well received. A forward-thinking artist who is all about experimentation he has received support from some of the biggest artists in the world including Don Diablo, The Chainsmokers and Afrojack Fedde Le Grande and many others. It’s his clearly defined ability to create breath taking landscapes ensued with ethereal melodies and experimental basslines that have captured the imagination of fans.

At 22 years old, the sky really is the limit for this exciting artist. With pure experimentation ranging from bass, house and electro the stage is most certainly set.

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