Mikal and his music has always been best categorised as quality over quantity. Metalheadz head Goldie has previously dubbed him as the 'silent assassin'. Mikal, now based in DnB's second home Bristol, has the enviable ability to keep his head down in the studio. He chooses to only surface when he is satisfied and fulfilled with his sonic creations. It's this working practice that has resulted in him being held in the highest esteem for quality throughout the genre.

Mikal's previous releases on Dispatch Recordings, Utopia Music, Dust Audio, Horizons and Warm Communications have served to cement his name as one of the highest calibre.

Mikal's debut album on Metalheadz, 2016's 'Wilderness', is described as a "true expedition" by Mixmag and an example of "precision-engineered drum & bass" by Juno. His latest album, 2020's aptly titled 'Metalwork', continues where the first album left off. It contains 16 blisteringly thunderous tracks including the opener 'Journey Into The Reverb'. A track that comes dubbed out and perfectly perforated with amen snippets. The tumultuous temperament of 'Breaks & Pads' is an instant Metalheadz hit and served as a linchpin to the entire project.

Collaborations on Metalwork are scattered but perfectly timed with the likes of Visionobi, DJ Thor and RIOT. The majority of this astonishing album though is Mikal doing what he does best. He expresses his production skills and fully justifies his position on the label.

Mikal's DJ sets are a reflection of his productions. Like any trademarked selector, his sets are developed with a focus and a method in mind. He takes you on a tour de force across the darker edges of the drum and bass spectrum. Flowing from one track to the next, demanding your attention.

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