Quenum is an internationally recognised DJ, music producer, and pioneer of techno music. With a career spanning 30 years, he has gained the respect of his peers. His ground-breaking sounds have also generated a loyal following from dedicated fans and newer audience members alike. With an eclectic musical background and a keen interest in electronic music, he first settled in London in the early 90’s. In 1997 with Paulo Nascimento, they released their first acclaimed ‘Inter Course’ EP on Pacific Records. The duo had created Access 58 which would go on to release a plethora of hugely influential releases. Access 58 performed all over the world and released on various prestigious labels cementing their name in techno lore.

Quenum, always forward-thinking, released ‘Orange Mistake’ with Luciano in 2003. A track that has become recognised as one of the all-time great anthems of techno music. Resisting the call of the majors and always believing in his talents, he released Orange Mistake on his own label, Cadenza Records. The track made huge waves in the scene that still resonate to this day.

Quenum is a DJ that has garnered respect from the very biggest names in the scene. He has never compromised his sound and has always been authentic to his belief and vision of how he wants an audience to feel. His productions, as his DJ sets, are often described as elegant, warm and deep. He, wants to move you to the very core, he wants you to resonate. Hypnotic, symphonic, minimalistic, meaningful, memorable it’s all experienced in a set from this pioneer of the music.

His music has been released on some of the finest labels including, Transmat, Crosstown Rebels, Cocoon, Fabric and Get Physical. Quenum has played to audiences all over the world and 2022 sees that trend continuing far into the future.

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