Resound has cemented his stance as one of the most forward-thinking artists in the scene with a continuous stream of groundbreaking releases on seminal labels like Metalheadz, Exit Records, Dispatch and Renegade Hardware. His musical journey, already touching its fifth decade, has moved from strength to strength. He got started in the mid ‘80s playing traditional Finnish instruments and performing across the country. The ‘90s saw him establishing himself and his label Rebound in the tracker music scene with dozens of successful releases.

In the early ‘00s, releases on several drum & bass labels followed and he began his career as an international DJ. Resound is widely regarded as a deliverer of banging hypnotic sets that take you on a journey. The early 2010's saw him link with Loxy, releasing “Burning Shadows” - an album that went on to inspire and influence a whole new generation of producers. By that time Resound had also been busy with his blog for years. In sharing his thoughts and insights, he's helped thousands of aspiring music creators.

By 2020, Resound and Loxy joined forces with a longtime friend Ink to establish the I.L.R. Studios imprint. One cold banger after another ensued, propelling the trio even further into revered territories, with many more to follow.

Currently, Resound is working on establishing Resoundsound and Rhytual as labels. These platforms serve to enable him to keep pushing the boundaries of the music he loves. With more music in the pipeline for Metalheadz, Dispatch and R&S Records, fans and followers will have plenty to look forward to.

You never quite know what to expect next from Resound. But you can be sure of two things: He is always at work and always on point.

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