Steffie Ditzel

Steffie Ditzel is a DJ, music producer, and remixer who has received acclaim spanning a 20-year career. She credits her mother for her musical background, introducing her to Dutch, pop and rock music but especially the burgeoning house music scene of that time. Staying awake and recording mixes from the radio was an early passion for her, as was learning more about house and techno music. Her life began as a DJ one evening when attending Awakenings in Rotterdam. It was from that moment on that Steffie knew she wanted to be a DJ and a music producer. The journey began.

She first made herself notable with her inaugural release ‘Suitable’ on RetuneMusic. After an early career show as one half of the duo ‘Stiften’ her career skyrocketed with bookings flooding in from far and wide. It was clear from feedback from several leading labels, even at this early stage, that she is a highly talented producer. It was at this time she learned to DJ, for which she found a new passion that is still with her to this day. Several more EP’s followed on many well-known and prestigious labels including Body Condition and Substrate Music.

Steffie Ditzel is highly regarded for deep and rich melodic house and techno sets. She is the kind of DJ that wants you to feel the music she is curating. Music moves her soul, at an almost cellular level and, it is important to her to emanate that to an audience. Her career has progressed to be invited to play all over Europe and the world. She has played for many leading festivals and countless clubs and brands across the globe. She has performed guest mixes for many leading radio stations and brands. Most recently, she has held down several residencies in Thailand.

2023 sees Steffie Ditzel more focused than ever before. There is lot more to come form this consistent and prestigious talent.

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