Subcora is a melodic house and infused genre DJ. Originally from Istanbul, she has made quite a name for herself in recent years with her unique sound and style. Being involved in music for many years, in various capacities; as a singer, music writer and interview editor, has developed a broad a rich understanding for multiple musical genres.

She has a distinct eclectic style that combines deep and melodic house, as well as afro-tinged edges and funk influences. As much as she enjoys creating a grooving and dynamic dancefloor set, she equally enjoys crafting an earlier hours, downtempo sets. Its here where she can showcase a musical journey across the globe and time.

Subcora has played for various festivals including Afrikaburn and Liverpool International Music Festival. She has played prominent clubs like Egg London, 24 Kitchen Street, and Invisible Wind Factory. She has been a resident DJ at Buyers Club in Liverpool and Futureyard on the Wirral. Annually, she takes part in Africa Oye festival, which is UK’s largest free celebration of African music and culture, taking place every year in Liverpool.

Subcora currently guest hosts breakfast time special show "Mornings With" at Liverpool based community radio station Melodic Distraction. She previously hosted "Arcytype" radio show for 3 years continuously. She frequently releases mixes on Soundcloud, where she also guested on various labels like Magician on Duty, Zero, Klassified, and Sunset Grooves. Currently, she is contributing a new streaming Mix series by Proton Label on Spotify and Apple Music, with her "As Within so Without" mix series. She also hosted a guest show on Jazz FM Voices Program. Subcora was also a finalist in Pirate Prodigy DJ Competition organized by Pirate Studios in 2019.

Subcora has honed her craft with dedication, hard work and deep, deep digging.

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