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Quenum - 2023: Sessions

Quenum – 2023: Sessions


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Forever dedicated to the craft, Quenum is a man on a mission.

Quenum's latest mix drops for BPM packed full of his signature crafted style of pulsating basslines and hypnotic melodies in: Quenum - 2023: Sessions

Quenum is a Swiss born techno music producer and artist who has been active in the electronic music scene since the early 1990s. During a 30 year career he is best known for his deep, dark, and hypnotic styles of techno which draws directly from his African and Latin American roots. He has long been a highly influential figure in the techno world, known for his innovative productions and captivating performances.

Having started his career in Geneva, Switzerland, he soon became part of the city’s underground techno scene and was a regular at the legendary Club Oxa. In 2003, he released the now seminal techno record, “Orange Mistake,” with Luciano. In the following years, Quenum has continued to release on a variety of prolific labels, including Cadenza, Soma Quality Recordings, and Crosstown Rebels. He has also collaborated with other prominent techno artists, such as Lee Van Dowski, and Ricardo Villalobos.

In addition to his work as a producer, Quenum is also a respected DJ and live performer. He has played at some of the world’s biggest clubs and festivals, including Fabric in London, Berghain in Berlin, and Sonar in Barcelona.

Quenum’s music has often been characterised by its deep, pulsating basslines, intricate percussion, and hypnotic melodies. In this, his first mix for BPM, we are treated to a selection that has become so synonymous with his name. The mix consists entirely of his own productions some released some forthcoming, and it truly is a delight to behold. Quenum often incorporates organic elements into his productions, such as field recordings, tribal chants, and traditional instruments, which gives his music a unique, worldly flavor. Those aspects are in full effect here in:
Quenum – 2023: Sessions.

2023 sees him continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music, infusing his tracks with a unique blend of techno, tribal, and world music influences.


Quenum – 2023: Sessions


  1. Quenum & Dachshund – Even If
  2. Quenum – Rebellion
  3. Quenum – Movement (Original Mix)
  4. Quenum -_Pornflake
  5. Quenum – Small Brain (Original Mix)
  6. Quenum – DARLY
  7. Quenum – Never Take The Easy Way (Original Mix)
  8. Quenum – Come Back (Original Mix)
  9. Quenum – Like A River Feat. Zac Quenum (Original Mix)
  10. Quenum – Arabesque (Original Mix)
  11. Quenum – Give Me My Body Back (Original Mix)
  12. Quenum – We Are Together (Original Mix)
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