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Brighter Days by Peshay & Steppa is available now

Stepping into the “Brighter Days”: Peshay and Steppa’s Unique Release


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Peshay & Steppa deliver a musical masterpiece thats hard to forget

"Brighter Days" will resonate deep within, leaving an indelible mark

In the vast landscape of music, it is truly remarkable when an artist or a team can consistently deliver songs that not only resonates deeply with their audience but also sets them apart from the contemporary trends. The dynamic duo, Peshay and Steppa, have done just that with their recent release, “Brighter Days.” Taken from the new album “Underground Vol. 2“, this Drum and Bass single is released everywhere today, September 22nd, 2023, through Peshay Music. Download it direct from Peshay.com, or stream through all the regular outlets.

“Brighter Days” is a memorable and deeply immersive track. It underscores the unique music style Peshay has cultivated over the years, challenging the often-predictable trends of the moment. This distinctive style partnered with Steppa’s notable talent in drum and bass composition invariably produces significant musical pieces and “Brighter Days” is no different.

Peshay & Steppa Brighter Days is out now
Brighter Days is a deeply immersive, personal journey

Listeners are in for a highly emotional musical experience filled with an interplay of haunting vocals, synchronous synths, and the gentle hooks of a guitar. The track is both intense with a deep melancholy that communicates the essence of the human experience, but is uplifting in a way that reassures that ‘Brighter Days’ are always around the corner.

In an era where memorable music is a rarity, “Brighter Days” breaks the mold. It promises not just a listen, but a journey through time and emotion that leaves the listener longing for more. Peshay and Steppa, with their innovative and inspiring collaboration, establish that they are, without question, masters at creating unique sounds that shatter all perception of the ordinary. Their evident commitment to deliver ingenuity makes their latest release a highly anticipated one.

Indeed, the immersive and upbeat “Brighter Days” is a masterful track that manifests the creative power of Peshay and Steppa’s partnership. Listeners are sure to be drawn in, and whether they buy or stream, they are certain to go for journey remembered long after the song has ended.


Brighter days is available from all major outlets now!!

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