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Underground Vol. 2 by Peshay, Krazeman & Steppa is available now

Underground Vol. 2 by Peshay & Krazeman: Reinventing Drum and Bass


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Discover the Powerhouse Combinations in 'Underground Vol. 2' by Peshay, Krazeman & Steppa

Underground Vol. 2 purposefully veers away from the norms of the genre, to deliver a rapturous delight of musical vibrance

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Peshay and Krazeman’s newest master working in drum and bass music, ‘Underground Vol. 2‘, scheduled for release on 11th September 2023 on Peshay Music. This album promises not just an auditory experience, but a journey into the pulsating rhythm and resonant beats of a genre that continues to shape the musical landscape.

Peshay’s approach to music has always defied convention, consistently carving his unique sonic signature across the industry. His individualistic style elevates above fleeting trends, cradling an enduring appeal that sets him apart in the world of drum and bass music. With ‘Underground Vol. 2’, Peshay once again demonstrates his prodigious ability to innovate and explore new soundscapes, creating an album that feels familiar yet daringly different.

In collaboration with Krazeman and featuring Steppa, with, it must be said, some equisite offerings, ‘Underground Vol. 2’ encompasses 18 diverse tracks of drum and bass music. Peshay and Krazeman skilfully weave intricate beats and throbbing rhythms designed to energetically ignite the dancefloor and provide a soothing rhythms for a relaxed evening at home. These pieces form a harmonious balance, tailored to satiate a broad range of listenership.

‘Underground Vol. 2’ is the essence of artistic innovation, a distillation of creativity cemented into an album that harbours a unique sound – the unmistakable mark of Peshay. This release is not just for dedicated fans, but also a rendezvous for journalists who cover intriguing stories on the music front.

The freshness, the originality, and the persistent boldness manifest in Peshay’s music beckon a captivated audience and media to venture into the entrancing realm of ‘Underground Vol. 2’. This is a clarion call to all drum and bass enthusiasts and journalists to embrace Peshay’s defining moment in this dynamic genre. Stand ready to witness the birth of a new vanguard in the drum and bass scene on 11th September 2023.

The 18 Track Limited Edition USB is available now from here: bit.ly/underground-vol2

Full Tracklisting:

  1. Deltroid – Peshay & Krazeman
  2. Maliblues – Peshay & Krazeman
  3. Movin’ On – Peshay & Krazeman
  4. My Boogie – Peshay & Krazeman
  5. Brighter Days – Peshay & Steppa
  6. If I Could Fly – Peshay & Krazeman
  7. New Age – Peshay & Krazeman
  8. Watch Dis – Peshay & Krazeman
  9. Blessings – Peshay & Krazeman
  10. Point Peak – Peshay & Krazeman
  11. It’s Alright – Peshay & Krazeman
  12. Azure – Peshay & Steppa
  13. Unspoken – Peshay & Krazeman
  14. Outlaw – Peshay & Krazeman
  15. Zeus – Peshay & Krazeman
  16. Gauntlet (VIP Mix) – Peshay & Krazeman
  17. Turn Around – Peshay & Krazeman
  18. Memories – Peshay & Krazeman
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