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David Hasert - 2023: Sessions

David Hasert – 2023: Sessions


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David Hasert signs exclusively for BPM and delivers a signature mix of eclectic wonderment.

Multi-genre luminary and hugely successful musician David Hasert drops a bewildering mix in: David Hasert - 2023: Sessions

There aren’t many music producers and DJ’s as widely renowned and respected throughout music as David Hasert. With well over 150 releases to his name, he plays over 100 gigs a year and is the face of the thriving club Reineke Fuchs in Cologne. His record label ‘LIKE Records’ is squarely aimed at reflecting the eclectic nature of David himself. Never one to be constrained by genre, David Hasert has become one of the most versatile figures of house music and the underground scene.

David’s eclectic approach to his music and his mixing technique comes from his musical background. As a trained musician, he attained wide mainstream success with the project MALK. Something his fans still talk about in revered terms to this day. His deep understanding, appreciation and knowledge of all genres can be felt through his releases. It’s this authentic approach that has delivered him wide success over the years and continues to do so.

In this, his first mix for BPM, David delivers a delight of wonderfully harmonious and eclectic music. Featuring all styles and forms we move through the gears at a pace becoming of an artist who continually impresses. Not that David ever seeks adulation, quite the opposite. This is a deeply humble and respectful artist who effortlessly showcases his authentic talents with every release.

2023 is an exciting time ahead for David Hasert with many projects and releases in the pipeline still yet to be announced. Watch this space!

David Hasert – 2023: Sessions

bpm management admin

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