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2023: Selects - Subcora

2023: Selects – Subcora


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Subcora is a tech-pagan inhabiting a non-genre specific musical planet. Fasten your seat belts.

Subcora delights with a distinctive eclectic set that eloquently combines deep, progressive, melodic house and instrumentally rich tracks in 2023: Selects - Subcora.

Subcora is an artist hugely influenced from a multitude of cultural sources. Originally from Istanbul, she has lived and absorbed many influences along her path. With a strong background and passion in music, she has always sought to be influenced through eclectic diversification. Never one to be solely affected by trends, Subcora has always been open to different sounds from influential contexts, labels musicians and collectives. As an artist, she is not defined by genre, for her, it’s all about creating a mood for the moment though exploration.

Subcora has made quite a name for herself in recent years. Having become familiar to many across the radio airwaves of the north of England, she has also been featured at Liverpool International Music Festival, Afrikaburn and Africa Oye Festival. Additional appearances have been across the UK and beyond.

Her early musical influences come from post-punk, new wave and what was then described as intelligent dance music. It was from these foundations in electronic discovery that she explored various other genres such as trip hop, down tempo and a healthy dose of electro. With these early reference points, it’s no surprise that her mixes are a wonderful selection of diverse tempos and beats.

This mix sees Subcora deliver a beautiful selection through various genres of house, world music and a whole lot more. We are treated to some deep crate digging as she delights with effortless blending across a multitude of sub genres and tempos. She threads it all together in her inimitable style. She blends moods, styles and vibes to create a vibrant mix easily at work on the dancefloor or for listening.

2023 sees a lot more in the works for Subcora, so stay tuned because we cannot wait to see what lies ahead for this talented inspiration!


2023: Selects – Subcora


1. Black Coffee feat. Maxine Ashley & Sun-El Musician – You Need Me
2. Tsha- Moon
3. Sebjak- Chaka
4. Vhyce – Monde Réel (Catz ‘n Dogz Pride Mix)
5. Keinemusik- Saving My Love feat. Little Dragon (Palms Trax Remix)
6. Zeca Veloso – Todo Homem (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Edit)
7. Frigid Armadillo Feat. Liv East – You’re My Roam In A Day
8. Aero Manyelo – Kunitamale (feat. Three Suka)
9. Terranova – Hotel Amour (Paris Is For Lovers (My Love)
10. Los Ninõs – Star Odyssey (Radio Edit)
11. Branko, Nonku Phiri, Mr. Carmack – Let Me Go (Jumping Back Slash Remix)
12. Gregor salto- Alga
13. Chevals – My Love My Kisses
14. sunflwr- kawamurra

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