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Drum and Bass Pioneer Peshay Drops new single Movin' On

Drum and Bass Pioneer Peshay Drops Movin’ On


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Peshay & Krazeman deliver a masterclass with the first single from Underground Vol. 2

Movin' On is a track that will transcend genres to live long in the memory

Dive into the vibrant world and electrifying collaboration between artists Peshay and Krazeman. ‘Movin’ On,’ has emerged as a refreshing wave of euphoria in the drum and bass genre. Taken from the highly anticipated album ‘Underground Vol. 2,’ this track not only showcases Peshay’s distinctive sound but also transports listeners on an exhilarating musical journey. With its infectious beats and magnetic energy, ‘Movin’ On’ is set to leave fans craving more.

Peshay’s music has long been celebrated for its ability to break barriers and defy trends. Often deviating from the perceived norms of the moment, Peshay’s unique approach has always kept fans guessing. ‘Movin’ On’ takes this endeavour to new heights. Fusing dynamic rhythms with captivating melodies, and an unforgettable vocal, the single delivers an inimitable sound that is both innovative and mesmerising. Peshay’s ability to etch his own path in the drum and bass landscape is what makes this track truly stand to stand the test of time.

Movin' On, the first single from Underground Vol. 2 is available to buy from Peshay.com
Available from peshay.com & streaming everywhere now!

From the very first note of the introduction, ‘Movin’ On’ captures listeners with its infectious energy. The track effortlessly infuses uplifting vibes into every note and melody, leaving an indelible impact on all those who hear it. As the layers of sound build, a sense of euphoria washes over, transporting you to a realm where worries are forgotten, and happiness reigns supreme.

‘Movin’ On’ is already available for download on Peshay.com, as well as streaming all major platforms. Peshay and Krazeman have ensured that this radiant track is widely accessible, making it convenient to bring its essential uplifting vibes into the lives of music enthusiasts worldwide.

With ‘Movin’ On,’ Peshay and Krazeman have crafted a masterpiece that breaks the mould and soars above expectations. The single’s impeccable fusion of drum and bass intricacies, its unique sound, and uplifting energy serve as a testament to Peshay’s musical prowess.

As the duo prepares to unveil their forthcoming album ‘Underground Vol. 2,’ this track stands as an exciting glimpse into the artistry that lies ahead. Brace yourself for a sensational sonic journey that will leave you craving more from these extraordinary artists. So, kick back, hit play, and let ‘Movin’ On’ transport you to a world filled with boundless joy and invigorating beats!

Movin’ On is available everywhere now: https://peshay.fanlink.to/movin_on

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