Yorobi – Artist Focus 2022 #5

Yorobi, fuelled by the foundation of jungle culture and driven by futurism, delivers an astonishingly eclectic selection in Yorobi – Artist Focus 2022 # 5

Yorobi - Artist Focus 2022 #5

BPMs Artist focus continues with Yorobi. Treading the playgrounds between genres Yorobi has studied the art of dark expressionism. Through beats and bass she always delivers a musical vision of unity and fusion. With releases on Exit, Parallax and Repertoire she has certainly made a name for herself since the mid 2000’s. Yorobi is now fully focussed on articulating her experiences through new productions.

This mix sees her deliver an astonishingly eclectic selection. She takes us on a journey right across the spectrum of electronic music encompassing rave and electro through to jungle. Featuring tracks from, Watch The Ride, J Shadow, Swisha to Pascal, Coco Bryce and Bomb Shelter Crew. Yorobi has delved into the crates and managed to create space for tempos and emotions. Genres will blur and mutate with tension and release.

Yorobi - BPM Artist Focus 2022 #5

Yorobi is making waves reflecting everything that has come before and how she envisages the future.

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