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2023: Selects - Kirstin Keegan

2023: Selects – Kirstin Keegan

2023: Selects series commences with Kirstin Keegan Getting 2023 off to a kick start, Kirstin Keegan steps up for her inaugural BPM mix. True to her reputation, she delivers a mix full of vibrant house and techno in 2023: Selects – Kirstin Keegan. Kirstin Keegan has forged her way
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2022: Selects - Blood Trust

2022: Selects – Blood Trust

Delivering a divergent mix of electronic futurism Blood Trust crosses the boundaries to evoke a uniquely identifiable concept in 2022: Selects - Blood Trust
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2022: Selects - B-Hydra

2022: Selects – B-Hydra

B-Hydra storms into the fray to deliver his signature sounds of deep, dark and melodic techno in his first BPM Mix in 2022: Selects 002
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Chelsea Singh Sessions 001

Chelsea Singh – 2022: Sessions

Starting BPM's new Sessions series is Chelsea Singh. With his own take on the funkier, groovier side of the genres, for Chelsea it's all about the rhythm.
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BTK - Artist Focus 2022 - LIVE - Special Editioon

BTK – Artist Focus 2022 – Virus Special LIVE Edition

BTK delivers an intense selection of Neurofunk Techstep rough and toughness. Recorded live for Virus Recordings in: BTK – Artist Focus 2022 – Virus Special Live Edition. BTK – Artist Focus 2022 – Virus Special LIVE Edition. BTK has garnered a revered reputation worldwide for his production credentials. He
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